MRMCD 2015. Schneller. Höher Weiter. 4. - 6. September. Hochschule Darmstadt

Game over!


Yesterday this year’s MetaRheinMainChaosDays have come to an end. We had the cooles MRMCD of all time and are glad that such many sport fans came despite the unwelcoming weather.

We are especially thankful for all our speakers (without you, it would be a pretty boring conference), all our angels (without you, there is no way we could do this), the VOC (without you, we ourselves could never watch all the great talks) and of course the h_da staff for welcoming us at their campus again.

All recorded talks are available on Please be aware of the feedback option in our Schedule as we would love to hear from you!

After three days of high-performance conference sport, we and you have earned a break. But of course we promise: See you next year!

Your MRMCD15 competition board



Dear sports fan,

you can now visit the first version of this year’s conference schedule! There are still some gaps left due to speakers that have not yet finally confirmed their availability at the given time, but the schedule will fill up completely during the next few days.

The presale period is now over, but there will be more than enough tickets for sale on site.

Looking forward to see you in September,

the MRMCD15 competition board

MRMCD 2015: Submission and presale deadline arrives soon


Dear sports fan,

traditionally, the MRMCD provide you with wonderful conference cups for your daily coffee as well as cool gadgets and an all-day breakfast, but also with a comprehensive set of workshops, talks and (this year) competitions.

In order to plan all these things, we need your help. If you’d like to give a talk or organize a workshop, please tell us via the frab system now!

The submissions deadline is the 9th of August. We will inform all speakers whether their talk is being accepted by 11th of August and we will publish the program soon after.

If you do not have a ticket yet, you can buy one until 16th of August. There will be a ticket sale on site, but there are probably no awesome cups or gadgets at the door, as well as no t-shirts or hoodies.

We kindly ask you to make use of our ticket presale, as we need that data (and money) to plan properly for the event. The graph below shows why: We need to spend most of the money before the event, but we get most of the incoming money during the event. This makes our work harder – and it can be solved by you buying your ticket in advance.

Expenses 2014

Looking forward to see you in September,

the MRMCD15 competition board

MRMCD 2015: Fair & Social Sportswear


Dear sports fan,

as always, there are wonderful t-shirts and hoodies with the current MRMCD theme, only available in presale. For your information, we have created a small preview of the merchandise:

MRMCD15 T-Shirt MRMCD15 Hoodie

The shirts and hoodies are being printed by 7 Siebe, a charity project for the reintegration of former drug addicts. We love to support this goal by choosing them as our merchandise vendor, and even if it comes us slightly more expensive than the last years, it stays the same price for you: shirts cost 15 € and hoodies 35.

As last year, we use fair-trade textiles by Staley&Stella. To be exact, we will have ‘Stanley Leads’ and ‘Stella Wants’ for the t-shirts, and ‘Stanley Knows’ and ‘Stella Says’ for the hoodies.

The men versions are available in sizes ranging from XS to 3XL, the women ones from XXS to XXL.

Your partners in sports,

the MRMCD15 competition board

Presale has started


Dear sports fan,

you can now preorder your MRMCD15 ticket at

There will be a ticket sale on site, but we kindly ask you to make use of the preorder system to help us with planning the conference. There will be no t-shirt sale on site.

Looking forward to see you in September,

the MRMCD15 competition board

General update


Dear sports fan,

we are as busy as a bee planning this year’s MRMCD and we want to give you some information from the competition board.


Our chief technology officer is currently making the final adjustements to the new and nifty presale system “pretix”. Soon you will be able to preorder your tickets and textiles!


In the previous years, we provided you with fair trade eco fashion. This year we go the extra mile and gave the printing to a social company, which is supporting the reintegration of former drug addicts into society.


Several weeks before the CFP deadline we already have lots of great submissions for talks. Our final decision who is admitted to our famous speaker’s lounge will be pusblished shortly after the end of the submission period. However, we still invite you to submit your ideas for talks and workshops. You can submit, manage and change your submission using the adorable frab. If you have any problems or question, don’t hesitate to send us a short e-mail, we will do our best to help you.


Adhering to this year’s motto, we want to stage a couple of competitions. If you have an idea for a competition you can submit it using the frab, we will provide adequate prizes for the winners. Extreme cactus dehydration? Smartphone throwing? Keyboard fencing? A bug hunt in the cloud? You decide!

MRMCD triathlon

Who would have known that the crazy idea of a triathlon team would take off? Even we were sceptical, but now we only have two berths left. If you want to take one of those, drop us a short e-mail, we will provide additional information. For details about the triathlon see

Your partners in sports,

the MRMCD15 competition board

Call for Participation


For this years MRMCD we’re looking again for interesting contributions. Topics usually present are for example Open Source projects, Cryptography, Social Networks, embedded systems, programming languages, privacy and anonymity and the resulting social questions.

According to this year’s topic we’re especially looking forward for topics on the interface of body and technology, let it be research or development under the keyword Self Quan­tiza­t­i­on or interesting technologies from the field of sports and competition.

This list is in no way complete though. The MRMCD is known for a broad and interesting spectrum of subjects. Our visitors are always interested in learning and mastering seemingly off topic knowledge.

According to this years theme we plan to have competitions for the guests of the conference. We’re looking forward to your e-mail if you have ideas about the competitions or maybe even are interested in organising one.

We are looking forward to meeting you in September,

Mit sportlichen Grüßen,

die Wettkampfleitung der MRMCD15