Dear sports fan,

traditionally, the MRMCD provide you with wonderful conference cups for your daily coffee as well as cool gadgets and an all-day breakfast, but also with a comprehensive set of workshops, talks and (this year) competitions.

In order to plan all these things, we need your help. If you’d like to give a talk or organize a workshop, please tell us via the frab system now!

The submissions deadline is the 9th of August. We will inform all speakers whether their talk is being accepted by 11th of August and we will publish the program soon after.

If you do not have a ticket yet, you can buy one until 16th of August. There will be a ticket sale on site, but there are probably no awesome cups or gadgets at the door, as well as no t-shirts or hoodies.

We kindly ask you to make use of our ticket presale, as we need that data (and money) to plan properly for the event. The graph below shows why: We need to spend most of the money before the event, but we get most of the incoming money during the event. This makes our work harder – and it can be solved by you buying your ticket in advance.

Expenses 2014

Looking forward to see you in September,

the MRMCD15 competition board