For this years MRMCD we’re looking again for interesting contributions. Topics usually present are for example Open Source projects, Cryptography, Social Networks, embedded systems, programming languages, privacy and anonymity and the resulting social questions.

According to this year’s topic we’re especially looking forward for topics on the interface of body and technology, let it be research or development under the keyword Self Quan­tiza­t­i­on or interesting technologies from the field of sports and competition.

This list is in no way complete though. The MRMCD is known for a broad and interesting spectrum of subjects. Our visitors are always interested in learning and mastering seemingly off topic knowledge.

According to this years theme we plan to have competitions for the guests of the conference. We’re looking forward to your e-mail if you have ideas about the competitions or maybe even are interested in organising one.

We are looking forward to meeting you in September,

Mit sportlichen Grüßen,

die Wettkampfleitung der MRMCD15