MRMCD 2015. Schneller. Höher Weiter. 4. - 6. September. Hochschule Darmstadt

The MetaRheinMainChaosDays

IT-security and hacking has increasingly become a competition. Just like in sports the media regularly covers new “records”. In order to be interesting for the press a new security issue must at least affect “millions of systems”. At the same time (big) software vendors compete for the worst customer support and the dumbest excuses in case of data loss.

New exploits are treated like trademarks and routinely deemed “worse than anything before”. In order to be taken seriously any new exploit needs a marketing team, logo, hashtag and soundtrack.

But the environment changes. The old guys like HTTP or IPv4 are challenged by new talents like IPv6 and HTTP/2. Moreover, the race between encryption and interception fetishists is now over yet.

This competition of absolute superlatives inspired us to discuss security issues from a sporting perspective.

This years slogan “Schneller. Höher. Weiter” (faster, higher, farther) shows our aspiration to us and to you, as usual we want to create the bestest MRMCD of all times. In addition to our extensive list of talks covering three days you will have a lot of opportunities to discuss any topic you can think of in our seminars. Besides IT-security we cover are broad range of sports, e.g, FOSS, cryptography, social networks, embedded systems, programming languages, anonymity and resulting social questions.

Moreover, the MRMCD15 is the first event of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC e.V.) with its own team for a triathlon! Ten participants will compete at the traditional Darmstädter Datterich Team-Triathlon (380m swimming, 18km cycling, 4,2km running).

As usual, tickets are available at low prices. Furthermore, we welcome submissions and ideas for talks and other activities. Participants receive a all-day breakfast, this year adjusted for endurance athletes and including performance-enhancing substances.

The MetaRheinMainChaosDays (MRMCD) is a conference of the Chaos Computer Club which takes place annually since 2004. As of 2012 we cooperate with the university of applied sciences (h_da). The event is being organized by the nonprofit MRMCD e.V. and local hackerspaces, CCC-groups and the surrounding universities. As usual the conference takes place on the first weekend of September (9/04-9/06) at the faculty for computer science of the university of applied sciences (h_da).