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lecture: Privacy as a Business


CyberGhost’s unique story: how a commercial VPN is defeating every known business model. Not following the privacy infringement path, where all clients’ data is not only collected but also shared with third parties.

CyberGhost has reached 5 million users in less than 4 years and has managed to protect the privacy of its users and guarantee their freedom while online. Privacy as a Business is a new concept CyberGhost is introducing, making the privacy and confidentiality of its users the business core. In an era when privacy online is very hard to obtain, where governmental surveillance has become a threat and security can’t be guaranteed anymore, CyberGhost has gained the trust of its users. Finding a new home in Bucharest, Romania, the company has found a new environment where the protection of the identity of the users is guaranteed: companies in Romania are not obliged to keep logs. CyberGhost’s servers are ready for inspection at any time, the company does not store any type of information about its users being one of the very few commercial VPN providers that can guarantee this.

During the talks, CyberGhost’s CEO and co-founder, Robert Knapp will elaborate on this subject answering some very hot questions such as:

How can you turn a company into a profitable business by beating all known business models? – No logs, No tracking tools
How can you overcome governmental policies and still run a successful business?
What it’s like to move all your business into a new country still compete with major players from across the globe?


Day: 2015-09-05
Start time: 19:00
Duration: 00:50
Room: Höher.
Track: Talks
Language: en



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