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lecture: Governing the data lake

Secure your precious data and prevent the data leak.


Imagine you spend immense effort in securing your system of secord - and then some random data scientist stops by and grabs all your precious data with some ETL processes. Would you trust them? Join this talk and learn the fairytale and nightmares behind security in Data Lakes and Data Warehouses.

During the talk you will learn the most common terms which people talking about data warehouses usually use. Once you got the very basic concept a nightmare about current data warehousing approaches will be told - so you better get some tissues prepared!

When the first scary moment is gone, you will learn some approaches which add at least some security to existing data warehouses. Given this as a motivation some areas are shown, which are in the urgent need for YOUR innovation :)


Day: 2015-09-04
Start time: 19:40
Duration: 00:50
Room: Schneller.
Track: Talks
Language: en



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