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lecture: The Climate Games

We Are Nature Defending Itself


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Get ready for the Climate Games! December 2015…the world’s largest Disobedient Action Adventure Game swarms across the biosphere and cyberspace as people take to the streets to protest in Paris during the COP21 Climate Summit.

We assume that in the face of climate change not only our ways of living, but also our definitions of art and protest will have to change.

In the lead up to the Paris COP21 Climate Summit in December 2015, the Labofii is collaborating with the climate justice movements to create a new form of political engagement: Throughout 2015, a digital online and offline action-adventure game will be developed via a series of hackathons/labs that will bring artists, activists, designers, scientists, hackers, architects, gamers, performers and other citizens together to conceptualise and build the game together. Thus, we will explore the edge between public space and cyberspace, the virtual and the real, the world of gaming and the world of activism.

This mass participation trans-media framework will merge the street, bodies and cyberspace, and will turn the city into a playing field of creative resistance open to all. In the game, teams will aim to achieve missions, in which they can score points by taking action against climate change and for climate justice, in one city or beyond. These will be non-violent forms of creative action such as performative interventions and political street art, confronting the influence of lobbyists on the United Nations or protesting open cast coalmines. These actions take place without central coordination but teams can use an open source smart phone application to report in real time on their achievements.

The Climate Games - Let the games begin:

On one side the shapeshifting mesh of toxic power – manifesting itself through fossil fuel lobbyists, austerity dictating politicians, peddlers of false solutions, greenwashers and corporate summit sponsors – descends on Paris to overwhelm the COP 21 UN Climate negotiations.

On the other, the vital web of resistance, the global movements struggling for justice – flocking and blocking, infiltrating and intercepting, occupying and creating.

The Climate Games is a new breed of nonviolent creative mischief with no boundary between online and street action. Bring together a team of players, plan your mission and get ready to make your move on the streets of Paris or beyond.

Your goal: to shift the game in favour of life.

We are microbes and mountains, humus and humans, sawdust and stardust. We are not fighting for nature. We are nature defending itself.



Day: 2015-09-06
Start time: 13:40
Duration: 00:30
Room: Schneller.

Language: en



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